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Mens Facials

Men’s facials are a lot like female facials but are formulated to the unique needs of men’s skin, usually to deal with problems men commonly face such as razor burn and ingrown hairs, dullness and sensitivity.

Our selection of men’s treatments are designed to relax and revitalise, leaving the skin and mind cleansed and refreshed. Whether you want to overhaul your skin with a facial to quickly rejuvenate and tackle the damaging effects of the enviroment and shaving or a full indulgent feel, there’s a treatment to suit you perfectly at Prity’s.



The Wilder facial uses a combination of natural products and beauty machines to improve a number of skin problems. The Hollywood Machine deep cleanses and helps exfoliate, followed by scrubbing using ozone steam. This steam is sterilised and 100% pure, helping to hydrate and energise the skin. Next Jawline Contouring electrolysis high frequency treatment and Eye Mesotherapy which is to help with anti-ageing, acne- healing, shrinking large pores & dark under eye circles. Followed by Dermaplaning and Skin Hydrating & Brightening Mask to help absorb products into the skin more effectively in order to achieve vibrant and glowing skin.

The Wilder Facial

The Wilder Facial

Cleanses & removes dead skin cells, revitalising the skin. Gives supple vitality and replenish moisture. Making the skin smooth & toned. This treatment lasts two hours.

Price: £175 (120 mins)


The Wilder Facial with the Hollywood Machine helps exfoliate and clear your pores. We will also be using electrolysis for the Jawline Contouring and Eye Mesotherapy, followed by Dermaplaning and Skin Hydrating & Brightening Mask. This is an ideal monthly facial to drain the impurities keep your skin looking fresh and young!

The Extraction Facial

The Extraction Facial

Recharge the skin cells & stimulate blood flow. Excellent for radiance & fairer glowing skin. Skin looking younger and firmer. Rich Ayurvedic nutrients make skin more resilient.

Price: £100 (60 mins)


Add on one of the following to your facial for an extra special treat to your skin.


Turkish Nose Wax

Turkish wax is inserted into the nose and pulled out using cotton buds in one swift movement, removing all hair from within the nose.

Price: £12

Eyebrows Shape

Reshape your eyebrows to create the perfect arch, thickness and shape for your face.

Price: From £12

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