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We all know the toll a busy life can take on our face. When we aren’t having spot outbreaks, we’re concerned that our skin looks dull, tired and in need of some TLC. A facial is a great way to breathe life back into your face, cleansing and exfoliating the skin and rejuvenating it with nourishing ingredients. Don’t let your schedule show all over your face. A facial at Prity’s will leave your face clear, radiant and hydrated.


We offer a range of face-fixing facials that your skin will appreciate. From our 5 Fruit Facial that infuses raspberry, strawberry, kiwi, apple and peach extracts to cleanse your pores and make the skin smooth and supple, to our Bridal Diamond Facial that utilises rich ayurvedic nutrients to make the face fabulous and photo-ready, your face will love whichever one of our wonderful facials you choose. We also offer facial add-ons and extras, including under-eye treatment.

We carry out a patch test before every facial, and we recommend having a facial twice a week for the best results.


Prity’s 5 Fruits Facial

This facial makes skin immediately smooth, fair, supple and youthful. Helps to cleanse the pores and rejuvenate the skin.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes

Prity’s English Rose Facial

Flower power gives skin radiance & extra fairness. leaves skin 100% firmer and complexion 98% more luminous. After 6 weeks reduction in total surface area of melanin.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes


Prity’s Vitamin C Facial

Protects skin against enviromental pollution and stress. Skin lightner, clears dark spots. Eliminates excess sebum. Balances skin tone, leaving it soft, fair and supple.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes

Neem & Tulsi Facial C Facial

Regulates the oil producing glands of skin & controls pimples, acne & blemishes. Neem & Tulsi are easily absorbed into the skin to maintain the oil balance. Cucumber & Papaya Extract makes skin fresh and fairer. A highly effective treatment for oily skin, pimples and acne.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes


Prity’s 5 Malai Pista Facial

Perfect balance facial for radience & youthful looking skin. Reduces stress marks and age spots. Fortified with milk enzymes & nuts for healthy, supple & vibrant looking skin.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes

Prity’s Milk & Honey Facial

Restores skins natural PH balance. Gives milky fairer & firmer skin. Protects skin from harmful microbes. Removes dirt, toxins and kills germs.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes

Prity's Lotus & Honey Facial

Gives extra whiteness & richness to skin. Enriched with powerful skin softeners. Cleanse skin & removes dead cells. Makes skin supple, smooth & toned.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes

Prity's Spa Skin Polishing Facial

Princess Fairness & unmatchable glow. Extremely soft, silky and tender facial skin. Removes all dead skin cells. Prevents blemishes & pigmentation.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes


Prity's Kesar Chandan Facial

Works wonders on fatigue, grey & dull skin. Anti UVA/UAB and natural botanical extract for skin lightening. Retains youthfulness, Intensively nourishing, energize and fortify the skin.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes

Prity's Tomato & Pomegranate Facial

Natural de-pigmentatation & anti-blemish. Tomato and lactose extract to reduce the blemishes. Improves skin clarity and reduce skin discolouration.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes


Prity's Malai Pista Facial

Perfect balance facial for radiance & youthful looking skin. Reduces stress marks and age spots. Fortified with milk enzymes & nuts for healthy, Supple & vibrant looking skin.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes

Prity's Organic Chocolate Facial

Moisturising & energising facial with organic chocolate. A chocoholics dream treatment!

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes

Prity's Shea Butter Facial

Protect your skin from daily pollution and the effects of stress with a soothing facial that lightens it, clears spots and balances tone. It leaves your skin soft and supple.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes


Prity's Red Wine Facial

Anti – ageing treatment. Firms and lifts sagging muscles & skin. This facial prevents against fine lines and wrinkles.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes

Prity's Protein & Aloe Vera Facial

Improves skin moisturisation, firmness and elasticity. Gives strength, radiance, toning and protects against irritation.

Price: £40 – 40 minutes / £60- 60 minutes


Prity's Skin Whitening Facial

Unique treatment for fairness & radiance. Impart luxurious texture and lightens the complexion. Eliminates dark spots and lightens the dark skin. Special combination of herbs & botanicals.

Price: £70 - 60 MINS

Prity's Platinum Facial

Cleanse & revitalise the skin. Washes away skin impurities from pollution. Supple vitality, replenish moisture. Gives a smooth, fair and matte looking skin.

Price: £70 - 60 MINS

Gold Facial

Perfect facial for skin rejuvenation and hydration. Youthful complexion fairness and glow. Age defying wonders from the natural resources. High concentration of moisturises dead sea minerals and anti agents.

Price: £50 - 45 MINS

Diamond Facial

Recharge the skin cells & stimulate blood flow. Excellent for radiance & fairer glowing skin. Skin looking younger and firmer. Rich Ayurvedic nutrients make skin more resilient.

Price: £70 - 60 MINS


Bridal Special Facial

Makes skin supple, soft and brighter. Takes care of your face from morning till night.
Natural glowing & fairness. Powerful herbs ensure perfect skin for perfect occasions.

Price: £70 - 60 MINS


Choose from a list of herbal products to suit your skin type. Consultation is provided prior to treatment & a patch test is also available for sensitive skin types.

For all skin types

Quick Fix Facial 1

Facial Scrub, Blackhead Removal, Steam & Massage

Price: £30 for 25 mins

Quick Fix Facial 2

Facial Scrub, Blackhead Removal, Steam, Massage & Mask

Price: £35 for 35 mins


Add on one of the following to your facial for an extra special treat to your skin.


Hollywood Facial

This facial uses a combination of natural products and beauty tools to improve a number of skin problems. Facial brushing is used to cleanse and exfoliate followed by scrubbing using ozone steam. This steam is sterilised and 100% pure helping to hydrate and energise the skin. Next blackheads and bacteria are removed using an ultrasonic scrubber followed by high frequency treatment which is known to help with anti-ageing, acne- healing, shrinking large pores & dark under eye circles. A vacuum device is then used to stimulate the facial skin to help circulation and helps sagging skin to appear plump and lifted. Ultrasound & Galvanisation are also used to help absorb products into the skin more effectively in order to achieve vibrant and glowing skin.

Price: Additional £30 with any other facial

Under-eye treatment

The skin around the eyes is delicate and demanding therefore it requires this special treatment. This intensive eye contour treatment fights wrinkles, strengthens and firms the eye area. It stimulates blood circulation around the eyes, thereby alleviating dark circles and puffiness.

Price: Additional £15 with any other facial

Ultrasonic / Microdermabrasion

Add in Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic or Galvanic Machines to any other facial for extra cleansing, tightening & skin clarity.

Ultrasonic/Micro dermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure offering safe and controlled skin abrasion. The diamond tipped wand glides over the skin with a vacuum action gently polishing the skin. The treatment is more gentle than traditional methods as a selection of diamond wands are used to create a bespoke treatment for each client. Diamond Dermabrasion erases the epidermal layers at varying depths in a controlled manner, minimising skin trauma. It mechanically alters the epidermis and invigorates cell renewal to create a healthy balanced surface. It is perfect for improving or eliminating many skin conditions and skin imperfections.

Price: Additional £10 with any other facial

Hydrating Face Mask

Add in the Hydrating Face Mask to other treatments for extra cleansing & skin clarity.

Suitable for all skin types, a unique mask infused with active ingredients derived from natural botanical extracts and essential natural vitamins. Restore skin freshness and brightens the complexion with its unique botanical formula that clears off dirt, tightens pores and restores skin youthfulness.

Price: Additional £20 with any other facial or treatments

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